25 tricks and ideas that transform your home


Every person at least once in his life, may the thought come that the soul requires change. Having lived for several years in their home, even the usual walls and ceilings are beginning to oppress. But you will not constantly move from place to place or buy expensive furniture and repaint the walls! We are offering to you 25 ideas that will easily transform your home and make design innovations in the interior of the apartment.

1. Wall organizer

Such a wall organizer will transform the bathroom and will be a great idea to keep everything you need at your fingertips.

2. Expanding space with mirrors

If you put a mirror next to the window, not only more light, but also visual space will appear in the room.

3. Mirror as an item of decor

Decorative mirrors can also be hung on the wall instead of paintings or put on the window sill to fill the free space. Large or small, these beautiful decor items fit perfectly into any interior.

4. Original lamp shade

Stylish and unusual lamp shade will be the main art object of the interior of your living room or bedroom.

5. Curtains from the ceiling itself.

The closer the curtains hang to the ceiling, the larger the room will appear.

6. Color print on curtains

Plain curtains - this is the last century. If you want to freshen up the interior, hang curtains with a color print.

7. Unusual cornice

Speaking of unusual curtains, we should mention the original eaves. Guests will be amazed by this design decision.

8. Shower Curtain

The higher the curtain hangs in the bathroom, the more spacious the bathroom will appear.

9. Unusual curtain holders.

Unusual curtain holders are a stylish element of decor.

10. Non-standard design of the TV

Make a frame for decorating the TV and hang a few pictures in the same style, it will be very unusual and stylish.

11. Hide wires from the TV

First, because of the wires, households constantly stumble. And secondly, they look extremely not aesthetically pleasing. Use a regular shower curtain to hide the wires from the TV.

12. Either make the wire element of decor

The wires from the equipment can not only be hidden, but also decorate the wall with them. Here the main thing - to show imagination.

13. New handles for cabinets

To update the interior of the bedroom, it is not necessary to buy new expensive furniture. You can only update the handles from the cabinets, which will look very creative.

14. Designer bed headboard

The headboard is the most beautiful part of the bed, to which you can apply a variety of design solutions. Skillfully made headboard can be the star of the whole bedroom.

15. Canopy over the bed

The canopy will add to your bedroom comfort, romance and a sense of security.

16. We update linoleum

If you want to update the linoleum and make it brighter, just take the paint and show imagination.

17. Drawers

Drawers under the bed - a favorite theme of designers, because they allow you to store all the necessary stuff and keep order in the house.

18. Dark ceiling

We are all accustomed to light ceilings, but eminent designers claim that a dark ceiling will add depth and sophistication to any room.

19. Decorate sockets and switches

You can make such decor with the help of colored tape, scrapbooking paper, mosaic and much more.

20. Mirror in frame

This mirror will give your bathroom a new, sophisticated look.

21. Interior details in gold paint

Gold color gives a special chic to familiar interior items.

22.A visually increase ceilings.

You can visually enlarge the ceilings with ordinary paint, leave 5-10 centimeters of the wall next to the ceiling and paint this part white.

23. Unusual walls

Off plain walls, add color and brightness to the interior of your home.

24. We hide bedroom

Ideal if you are the owner of a small apartment. Separate the bedroom from the main space with curtains.

25. We decorate the battery

In your home, you can decorate absolutely everything, including batteries.