Cute brownie from sleeves from scotch and nylon tights


How often the arrow on the pantyhose can ruin the mood for the whole day! But if you know that a little trouble can be the beginning of an interesting creative project, it will be much easier to survive. Make a cute little brownie from nylon that will decorate the kitchen, veranda or living room.

For the project will need:

  • A pair of flesh-colored tights or bronze shade;
  • several rolls of scotch;
  • wire;
  • filler (wool, wool or sintepon);
  • tow;
  • 2 plastic spoons;
  • material for the costume, thread and needle;
  • hot glue;
  • thick cardboard;
  • beads, beads and eyes for decoration

Connect the three sleeves from the tape (they can be replaced with a plastic pipe), and then make a hole for the wire in the middle sleeve. It will be the basis for brownie pens.

Form from the filler "palm" - small balls that are wrapped in pieces of nylon and attached to the wire. Make the handles thicker, wrapping another layer of filler and tights. If you do not have a synthetic winterizer or wool, you can also replace them with nylon.

With the help of a needle with wool thread, the fingers are formed on the palms. The sleeves of the future costume are sewn on the arms. The top sleeve is covered with a piece of nylon stocking, which will need to be placed soft balls. They will form the features of the brownie.

From a nylon filled with wool, wool or padding polyester sew three balls. Those that are cheeks, put under the stocking, and sew the "nose" outside.

We fasten all the sleeves and put on them a “suit”, which can be sewn from scraps of fabric.

The legs are well obtained from plastic spoons, sheathed with a cloth. They should be attached to the sleeve with hot glue.

Mustache, beard and forelock can be made from tow, wool or combed threads. Put eyes on your face. They can be bought or made from the packaging of tablets and beads.

The head of the house should be crowned with a cap. Sew it from a piece of square burlap or other textured fabric.

Circle the bottom of the sleeve with spoons to make a stand of thick cardboard. To keep the paper piece from sticking up, paste over its edges with a braid or a pigtail, knitted of thick threads.

Brownie is ready!