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7 things that will change in your life if you start doing the bar daily


Exercises with their own weight are practical, simple and effective - so you can come into fitness shape using only your own weight. One type of exercise is the plank, and this exercise will never go out of style. This is one of the most effective exercise! Why? Because the plank does not require large time investments on your part and allows you to achieve significant results in a relatively short time.

The abdominal muscles anatomically support our back and spine. In addition, they play a vital role in preventing injury. However, in order for them to work efficiently, the muscles of the body must be strong and they must be constantly trained. A plank every day is a great way to strengthen these muscles and thus support the spine. What exactly is useful for the plank, and what will change if you start doing this exercise?

1. The work of the body muscles will improve.

Planck is an ideal exercise for the muscles of the chest, abdomen, arms and legs. The importance of strengthening each muscle group cannot be underestimated: each of them fulfills its important goal. Strengthening the muscle corset, you will notice:

  • Improved ability to lift weights.
  • Better fitness and training, especially with regard to jumping, and a strengthened press.
  • Improved ability to bend and turn.
  • Tightened back and buttocks.

2. The risk of injury to the back and spine will decrease.

Planck is an exercise that allows you to strengthen your muscles without harming your spine or joint at the same time. Regular exercise not only prevents back pain, but also makes your muscles stronger and provides powerful support to your back, especially its upper section.

3. Accelerate metabolism in general

When you do the bar, you put an excellent and difficult task in front of your body: in the planks you burn more calories than when you do other exercises for the abdominal muscles (for example, twisting). If you do this exercise daily - your body will burn more calories even at rest. This is especially important for those who are engaged in sitting at a computer. A plank in the morning - a pledge of excellent metabolism for the whole day (and yes - even during sleep!).

4. Significantly improved posture

Thanks to the slats, your ability to stand with a beautiful straight back will reach a new level. Strengthening the muscular corset, you can constantly walk or sit with the correct posture - because your neck, shoulders, chest and back will also be strengthened.

5. You will learn to keep your balance better.

Have you ever felt that, say, you can not stand on one leg longer than a couple of seconds? At the same time you were not drunk! The fact is that your muscular corset was not strong enough to balance so. Side slats and slats on one foot will help you with this!

6. You will become more flexible than ever before.

Flexibility is one of the main advantages of regular strips, because so many different muscle groups are stretched in the plank, especially in the side!

7. You will notice that your mood has improved.

Planck has an effect on the nervous system, improving mood. How? The plank stretches precisely those muscle groups that are usually tense, which leads to stress and tension of the whole body, especially during sedentary work in the office, which causes muscles and nerves to become stressed. The good news is that the straps will not only soothe your nerves, but also help to cope with anxiety and depression (but only on a regular basis).

The last thing we need to do is to tell and show how you should make the bar in order to achieve excellent results in just 5-10 minutes a day.

Here is a great infographic showing which slats and in which order it is best to perform:

Planks: 5-minute workout

1:00 - the usual bar

0:30 - elbow strap

1:00 - bar with raised leg, 30 seconds on each leg

1:00 - side bar, 30 seconds on each side

0:30 - the usual bar

1:00 - bar on the elbows

Are you ready to devote 5-10 minutes every day to good form, health and, most importantly, strength? Then get up and exercise, making the bar a part of your life!